Re: Un RP, une musique

Amariel S. de Neïresis a écrit :Pour Anathem
Cette réponse au RP me fait penser à une chanson. (Le seul soucis, c'est que la fin semble parler d'une séparation, mais ca peut être considéré comme une absence ... )

The Sound of Your Memory. Ce lien terrible entre Amariel & Anathem.

Well it's 4 a.m., ain't no sleep to be found
Your face in my mind spinning around
And awake I will dream, in my dream you'll be there
And I can't get away from you anywhere

And ever since I met you my life's been a song
A sad song, a love song with hate in between
You'd be breaking my heart, it was clear from the start
But my pen and my paper will keep my mind clean

And I can't breathe when you're around
My heart doesn't beat, my mouth doesn't speak
And I can't sleep cause of the sound
The sound of your memory that's bringing me down

And I can't see myself without seeing you
I can't touch anything that don't feel like you do
Any place that I go I'll be looking for you
And it hurts me to know that you don't love me too
Like a crown of thorns
It's all who you know.

Re: Un RP, une musique

Oh... je n'avais pas vu que j'avais des dédicaces !
Merci, les choupinous : choix judicieux et très beaux clips, vraiment, je kiffe à mort !!! :cheer:

@ Kaïn : Il faudrait le mettre en ambiance de notre RP onirique. Tu peux ? :you:

@ Ourcän : Je vais essayer d'en faire mon thème personnel... si j'y arrive !^^ :peluche: